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 Sales coaching services

 Individual or group coaching and workshops to improve sales skills

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We coach basic negotiation skills to overcome most common objections, including show stoppers like "We need to think about this" and "This seems a bit expensive" "Can you just send me an email". We create simple tools, phrases, and processes for salesmen to follow and run meetings better and more consistently.


The goal for the coaching is to improve closing rates and avoid deals becoming stale in the pipeline.


Price 1200€   

Sales strategy and process 

A good sales strategy usually means setting a good customer target group, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and finally conducting steps necessary to reach your ideal customers. If you don't have a good process to follow you won't achieve consistent results. We plan with you a very clear plan and path from first contact to the closing phases of the deal, you'll always be in control of the sales process and have clear steps and choices for every stage and situation.


Prices starting from 1000€ 

Negotiation skills

Individual or group coaching and workshops to improve sales skills

​Cold calling
  • We coach your sales team to prospect and set appointments with new clients. Coaching includes designing a call script, defining customer segments, and doing the actual calling. To make long-lasting impacts on reaching clients by phone we give you an easy routine to follow each week.

  • The goal of the coaching is to give salespeople an easy tool to add more meetings to their calendar in as little amount of time as possible. 

Price 800€


  • Asking for referrals from your current customers or from your network is one of the most effective ways to create new business. To achieve success while asking for referrals we design a good script, contacting strategy, and ways to include customer satisfaction surveys with asking for referrals. 

  • The expected outcome is to set at least one high-quality appointment with a new client from every referral call that is made

Price 1000€

This is what we do 

 Individual or group coaching and workshops to
improve sales skills.

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